So.Fit.Fab Event

Can I just tell you that it's been one of those long, fast weeks?! 
I'm so exhausted from running around like a crazy person. Granted, I only have myself to blame for that since I make my life crazy. And honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. But man... come Saturday afternoon... I will be ready to relax for a day. Nothing more though. I can't sit around for too long. 

Which is probably why I made myself even more crazy by co-finding the So.Fit.Fab movement with a business partner of mine. I'll get to that exciting news in a minute, but first...

My workout killed me this morning. Killed all of us #fitmoms. And it was goooood!
A little shoulders, hams and sprints... does a body good.

I have THE BEST friends ever! And they're funny as heck and hot.

now the good stuff!
I made myself more crazy and busy, but still doing what I love... which is being social with new and old friends and incorporating fitness and fabulousness into it!

I just figured the best way to help you all out with your fitness and goals is to create a free event each month that everyone can attend. And then the ideas kept coming and then companies and businesses started to hop on board and we have a full event going on now.

We have a free gift for everyone that attends and some pretty fun giveaways from My Inspire Wear, Cellfy, Queens of Green and shopping discounts to Real Deals Eastern Idaho and Prestige Street Wear

The event will be held this Saturday, Nov 1 at 9 am. at Dance Tech Academy.
You can register HERE or go to the link above my pic on the side of my blog and register through Eventbrite. 
Like I said before, it's FREE ninety free! So bring your friends and family and come have a fun time. 

Wear your workout clothes, bring a water bottle (but we will have some for you), bring your friends and family and come have a fun time! 

This Saturday will go as follows:

Bootcamp by Sheena (Yours truly). 
Yoga by Lindsey Curtis. 
And a goal setting and meal planning class by myself and business partner, Ryan Harris. 

Pretty sure you won't want to miss it, YO! 
So, I will see you there! 


Denim & Leather + Cents Of Style 20% Off

Shirt: Ross / Leather jacket: Prestige / Denim Jeans: Prestige / Necklace: Cents of Style / Bracelet: Cents of Style 

 So, I grew long hair over night. 
If you follow me on Instagram, a while back I asked about what kind of extensions are the best way to go. I love my short hair, but was wanting to switch it up and try something new. I went back and forth between a few different ones and could not decide if I really wanted them or what to do. So, someone suggested that I try the clip ins. That way I would know if I wanted them in permanently or not. Best idea for me. Especially since I like to change my hair a lot. I LOVE my extensions! Some days I feel like long hair, some days, short. So these are perfect for me. And I think my favorite is to wear them with hats. Can't wait to show you some of my favorite hats lately too! 

Denim, leather & bling. Is that not an awesome combo for fall fashion?
Pretty sure you all need a pair of pants from Prestige. Not gonna lie, I love my butt in these. And FOR SURE that jacket! I pretty much want to wear it all day err-day! It's okay to workout in it, right? 

And why not bling up your outfit with my favorites from Cents of Style
Head over to their shop and enter in HIGHHEELS for a 20% off discount that is good until Dec. 31st! 
Umm... hello Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! You're welcome! 

Happy shopping! 


Let me take another #Cellfy + Giveaway

You know you love that song! 
But seriously, let me tell you about a new favorite product MUST HAVE!
It's a Cellfy.

How many times do you take selfies in your car, the gym, at home or while you're out and about? 
Me... 5 bjillion. I won't lie about my selfie problem. 
So when I was contacted to try these out I was all over it! 

The Cellfy Wrap is awesome for strapping to any object in your surroundings. I strap them to my kitchen table chairs and I'm excited to do more at home workouts for those of you who have asked for them. Thanks to the wrap. 

I thought I'd do some yoga stretching tonight since my body and muscles are so tight lately. And this little monkey would love get off of me. She's crazy. 

The Cellfy Stik is fun to suction cup to anything around you! Windows, mirrors, you name it!
Set your camera timer and take the perfect pic. The possibilities with this one is endless.

My oldest is WAY WAY WAY into making her own YouTube videos. HILARIOUS! She was at school one day and I was looking at her iPod touch and she had at least 5 videos, 10 minutes long, where she talked about her day at school, gave us a tour of her room and talked about random stuff. 
I died of laughter when I watched them because I had no idea she even did them. 
I love that she's so confident with herself to do those. I hope that never leaves. It's a good thing to have and I hope nobody destroys that positive self image she has of herself. 

I gave her a Cellfy and she's taking videos all day long, every where she goes now. I caught her doing her latest about jump roping in the living room a few days ago. 

I love her. 

These are going in every stocking and going to all of my friends and family for Christmas. They are genius and so fun to use! Next on my list is the Cellfy Extender. Oh yeauuuuuh! Imagine the possibilities with that one! 

Stay tuned for more at home workout's thanks to my new Cellfy products! 

I'm going to give away 1 Cellfy Stic and 1 Cellfy Strap. So there will be TWO winners. 
Enter the giveaway below. 

Happy Cellfy taking!


Leg Day Workout / Home Or Gym

On Friday's... we do legs. 
Listen up ladies. Did you know: 

And I couldn't agree more. I had a strong heart and could run and run for hours before I figured out weight lifting was what I was missing to change my body. It's okay to do cardio, but not constantly and only cardio. Once I started to lift weights, I started to see a HUGE change in my body and I love my body more now, even after 2 kids, more than I did before! 
Plus, fit women are way more hot than skinny women. 
Muscles rock. 


Oh, how I love me a good leg workout. Most people dread it, but I actually love leg day. It's amazing to me what our legs do for us and how they can grow when you train them and feed your body right. 

Please note... I am not a professional at this, but I do know what has worked for me. I'm constantly learning every day and love watching how my body reacts to certain weight lifting exercises and other things we do at the gym. I've had so many ask for videos and pictures of what I do at the gym, so I'll do my best to show you a few at a time. 

I know how intimidating the gym can be. Especially when you're new and have no idea where to start. So I hope this helps a few of you to get out of your comfort zone and to try something new at the gym. It gets fun when you learn more and more and start to show up guys at the gym. And when you start to see muscle definition and your butt firm up.
Ah yeauuuuuh!

Here are a few of my favorite hamstring & leg exercises that we did this morning. These can be done at the gym or at home. So no excuses, party people! 

Cable Kickbacks:

Gym: Find a cable machine and attach the handlebar that you can hook your foot in. You'll want to bring a bench over to where your cable is at and you'll work each leg. We did 30 lbs for this and did 3 sets of 15 reps.

Home: If you have a dumbbell, place it in the back of your knee and you'll want to squeeze your bum and leg to keep it held. And then kick up straight behind you. Or, if you have an ankle weight, you can do it with those too. 

Wall Ball Squats:

All you need for this is you, a weighted ball or find something similar you can use instead, and a wall, of course. 
Make sure to squat low, keep everything tight and use those muscles to push that ball as high as you can. I find a spot on the wall and aim for it at the top of each of my squats. 


Deadlifts are some of my very favorite lifts and are so good for you. 
They work those hamstrings and bootay. 

Make sure to keep your butt out and legs together. Don't lock your knees either. Keep your chest out and don't hunch your back. It's important to keep good form so you don't get injured. 
Keep all of your muscle groups tight and focus on your hamstrings for this. You don't want to go down all the way, only to mid shin area. 

We like to do these on the bench. But you can do them on the ground too. 

3 sets of 15

Good Mornings:

I LOVE me some good mornings! My muscle woman friend taught me these and they are serious my favorite. They HURT. SO. GOOD. 
These do wonders for your hamstrings and butt! 

Keep your feet fairly close together. Butt out, back straight and chest up. Drive through your heels to maximize the stretch of your glutes. 

We did 3 sets of 15

Happy lifting, ladies!


Lace & Boots

Jacket: Prestige / Silk Tank: Prestige / Leggings: Ross / Boots: Ross

I fell in LOVE with this jacket! It's hands down one of my favorite things to wear lately. You can dress it up or style it down too for a more casual look. It's one of those items all women need to have have in their closets to wear with multiple outfits. I'm loving boots too. These ones are some of my favorites. 

AND... it's Thursday... which means a handful of my favorite shows are on tonight. 
Any Grey's Anatomy, Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder lovers out there?! 


Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself

You know how open I am about boobs. And I have been SO excited to be a part of the new...
Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself movement. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to most women it's a month to bring more awareness to breast cancer, to remind women to get their mammograms regularly, to celebrate those who've survived, and remember those who've lost their lives to breast cancer. But this month isn't just about that. It's about reminding women to embrace ourselves and recognize what makes us beautiful, unique, and what defines us as women. My dear friend, Courtney, from the eclectic lifestyle blog Fry Sauce & Grits started a movement called LOVE YOUR BOOBS, LOVE YOURSELF. Courtney is a bra fitter, bra educator, blogger, and is passionate about women issues. (And she knows her stuff ladies!) She created a video where she interviewed a group of women and asked them questions about their relationship with their breasts, how they've experienced breast shame, how they feel the media depicts breasts, and how we as women can come to love and accept and love our breasts. 

  Love Your Boobs, Love Your Breasts Movement Fry Sauce and Grits 

 "I find that most women have a hate relationship with their breasts and that makes me really sad. They're either small, large, lopsided, saggy, or too wide, and it made me realize that we need to stop this breast and body shaming because our bodies are beautiful and powerful," Courtney said. "I hope to inspire women with this Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself video that to completely love ourselves as women, we need to love and accept our boobs. 
There's a direct relationship between our self image of and the relationship we have with our breasts. Breasts don't define us but they are definitely a part of us. I want to bring awareness that this dysfunctional relationship we as women have with our breasts and with our bodies are directly stemmed from what the media portrays to be what is perfect and the ideal of beauty. I want to push the message that we aren't defined by our breast size and how we as women are defined by something greater." 

Love Your Boobs, Love Yourself Quote FrySauceandGrits.com

I'm excited to have teamed up with a group of other blogging women from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicity, ages, shapes and yes breast sizes and have decided to come together and to love ourselves and our breasts! You can join in this movement too by sharing a picture of yourself and type what you love about your breasts and what defines you as a woman! You don't need a blog either! Just tag your photo with #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and search the hashtag to see who else has joined in. Watch the video, it will truly inspire you to stop breast shaming and start loving your breasts and yourself more!

Most of you know my story as I recently underwent a breast augmentation. You need to know I did that for me and that I have always loved and admired my breasts at each stage in my life. I'd never take back the blessing of having and breastfeeding my beautiful girls, but to be able to feel more comfortable in my skin was something I wanted. Doing what I did was ONLY for me, nobody else. I truly was confident in my body and skin, but after some wear and tear on the boobies, it was time this mama felt like a fresh new woman again. Media portrays you need to have them big and out there. This is definitely NOT true! Small, big, saggy or perky, we all should make sure we are comfortable being the strong, beautiful, powerful women that we are.
After going through my surgery, I think it has only helped me to appreciate all that I've been through even more. I was proud of my boobs before and I'm proud of them now. They just needed a new makeover. And I think my most favorite part about being open about my own boob story, has been getting the texts, messages and emails about YOUR own stories too and to hear your love and support. You'll never know how much I appreciate that! 

Whether you agree with what I did or not, embrace your own boobs, ladies! 
They're a beautiful part of every woman and I love that each woman has their own story to share. 

Below are other brave and beautiful women who are sharing their stories of breast shame, breast love, what they've learned from their breasts, what they mean to them, and how we as women we can learn to love our breasts and ourselves more! So don't stop here. Get clicking around, its a blog hop! I hope as you click around (and YES pin these different posts!) you will feel the importance of women loving themselves, the empowering effect sharing each of our voices will inspire others in some way: 

1. Fry Sauce & Grits 2.Allred Design 3. Ashlee Marie 4. Lucky Blogs 5. A Ruffled Life 6. Feel Great in 8 7. Tara Made It 8.Dreaming About Someday 9. MOMentity 10. Dana Ohlsen Photography 11. Life in My Heels 12. Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl 13. Utah Mom Connection 14. Lionesses at the Gate 15. Laura's Crafty Life

Are you ready to share your story? 

Make sure to tag your picture with the hashtag #LoveYourBoobsLoveYourself@lifeinmyheels and @courtney_frysauceandgrits to participate in this powerful movement to inspire women to completely love themselves!  


Motivation + Fit Snacks + At Home Arm & Soulder Workout

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great."
-A League Of Their Own

There are new challenges that we face every single day. Some are hard and some are easy. 99% of each new day never goes how I planned it the day before. Which makes life crazy for me, but I'm embracing the craziness and running with it. 
Life is all about conquering challenges and continuing to grow and learn. 

Every day is hard. Getting up early. Running a business, a household, taking care of my little family and everything else that comes up on a daily basis. Some days you want to give up and some days you feel like you're on top of the world. I hate the days where I want to give up. 

Thankfully, we all get a fresh new day to start over and be better. 

This week I have a goal to push myself to new limits with each of my businesses and also my body. You get to a point where you don't like where you're at anymore and you just want to be better. 
Now is my time to change and push and take my life and body to new limits. It's going to be a lot of work, but the results after that work is always so rewarding. I'm trying to remember that and to not give up. 

These bars are TO.DIE.FOR! Packed with protein, fiber and natural ingredients, it makes it a power bar. We literally go through at least 2 boxes of these a week. 

Okay... when I first received these, I'm not gonna lie, they did not look or smell very good. So I was weary of trying them. Raw shelled hemp seeds? Bleh. Until I actually opened it and tried some of them on my salad. I now love to eat these raw! I really love the taste of them. It's almost like a sesame seed. And it has a ton of protein and omegas for how much you eat on a teaspoon or tablespoon. 

They are lower in carbs than flax or chia seeds, raw, vegan-friendly and also a non-GMO product. 
So it's a win for everyone! 

I love their website and my favorite is their recipe page. 

I'm excited to use these on yogurt and fruit, granola and also in smoothies. 

For those of you who'd like to give these tasty little seeds a try... you can go HERE and enter in HHSweatPink14 for a 20% off discount of your order! (Promo code expires Nov 30, 2014.) 

And here's an exercise you can do from home! All you need is your arms and a wall. We did 5 sets of these and my arms and shoulders were on FIYAH! 

Happy Monday and get after those goals! 


Working For The Weekend + Romper Stomper

Jean jacket: Fred Meyer / Brown shirt: TJ Maxx / Romper: TJ Maxx / Belt: Prestige / Handbag: Bohme (last year) 
Wedges: Swagger (out of business) / Jewelry: misc stores

Thank goodness it's Friday. This week has wore me right the freak out. In a good way though. 
I've been busy with my insanely cute and crazy little girls, running this house and being a #bossbabe with my businesses. Honestly, I can't imagine my life without all of the craziness. So I embrace it and act like I know what I'm doing. Most of the time. 

Also, my favorite thing all summer and this fall are rompers. SO comfy and you can dress them up or down. Channeling my inner 70's child and embracing the romper style with full arms!

Now, I'm thoroughly looking forward to a night out with family tonight and all day tomorrow. Worked hard and now it's time to play. 

#whatiatewednesday on Thursday

I have been running around like a crazy person today. Thank goodness Miss Zoey was in a good mood and handled the bjillion of places we went today, very well. AND... she's rockin' that potty now! (Knock on wood). 

I meant to get this up yesterday, but was out doing business most of the night and by the time I got home I was exhausted. Definitely looking forward to the weekend. 

So here I am now, FINALLY getting this up. 
Here's #whatiatewednesday: 

Breakfast... OH. MY. GOODNESS! I am pretty much obsessed with Chex's Honey Nut & Cinnamon cereal and Blue Diamond's almond vanilla with a hint of honey milk these days. It's gluten free and really good for you. But what's even better is how flippin' amazing it tastes! I want it 24/7. Perfect for a snack too. I want it. All day errry day! 

Seriously... run and get it ASAP! 

Also, those Simply Fit granola bars. Yummy to my tummy. We literally went through a box in one day, the other day. They are a staple at my house and I'm constantly going back to get more. Plus, they are literally WAY healthier than ANY granola bar you can find. Packed with protein, fiber and other natural goodness. 

Have any of you ever tried the Chobani greek yogurt with oats either? 

I'm a BzzAgent and was sent some coupons to try them out. I LOVE yogurt. And I LOVE oats. So I was excited to try these babies out. 

My favorite was probably the cranberry and oats and my least favorite was the apple cinnamon. Which I totally thought I'd love, but didn't. Still really healthy for you and it tastes good. I'd go back for more of the cranberry and banana maple though. 

Lunch was homemade taco soup I made. Also really healthy and I make a ton so I can freeze it or have leftovers for the next few days. All it is: can of corn, can of black beans, can of pinto beans, can of tomato soup, can of chopped tomatoes, 1 package of low sodium taco seasoning and then shredded chicken. You could also add ground turkey or beef and it would still be delicious. 

And I made another batch of THESE healthy no bake cookies. Gah. I want to eat them all. 

Not pictured because I ate in a flash and had to leave last night, but I had some shredded chicken and boiled red potatoes with sea salt on top. 

I have been so busy this past week that I have to remember to eat so I don't starve and eat all of the food in the house. 

What are some of your favorite on the go snacks or things you eat? 
I need more ideas! 


Rocksbox + FREE month to ALL readers

I love jewelry & accessories. There's no secret about it.
I have always loved it. I remember wearing anything my mother would let me use and pretend I was older than I really was. I remember certain pieces of jewelry she gave me for special occasions and showing me some of her special pieces she was given as a child and throughout the years. 

Jewelry is the final touch on your outfit that makes it stand out and make it you. 
It's the icing on the cake. 

Seriously one of the most genius inventions is Rocksbox

How many of you love jewelry but can't afford new pieces all of the time? Or would love a high end look with a little price? Or want different styles but you'd rather save your money on a piece you'd wear more often than just once? We've all been there, right? 

Rocksbox has you covered and now you don't have to worry about any of those concerns anymore. 

Here's how they work: 

 Getting three pieces at once for such a sweet deal is like highway robbery. And if you decide you love it so much that you want to keep it, you can end up buying it for a discounted price as a Rocksbox member. 

It's like Christmas!

Here's what was in my first Rocksbox and how I styled the pieces of jewelry I received. 

I fell in LOVE with that necklace and bracelet! I use the bracelet with almost every outfit. 

Romper: TJ Maxx / Wedges: Ross

And because I love you, I'm giving ALL of you a FREE month! 
Just click HERE and it will take you to start your own style survey so you can get a Rocksbox customized just for you! 

Also make sure to follow them on Instagram to get daily eye candy of the pieces that are adorning women around the world!